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Microsoft released a new build to the Fast Ring Windows Insider channel yesterday. The update increases the build to version 19546 and one of the changes that it brings along with it is the new Graphing Mode of Windows Calculator.
Windows Calculator is the built-in calculator of the Windows operating system. Microsoft improved the tool in previous Windows 10 releases, e.g. by adding an always on top functionality to it, after ignoring it for a very long time.
Tip: you can run Windows Calculator in your browser as well now (third-party port). Do this if the Windows Calculator interface is huge and you want to size it down a bit.
Windows Insiders who have upgraded to the new build already may start Windows Calculator to test the new Graphing Mode that is now supported.
Microsoft notes that it should be considered a preview right now and that graphing mode is one of the top requested features in Feedback Hub.

Besides that, it is also a tool designed for students to explore linear algebra.
Graphing capabilities are also essential for students who are beginning to explore linear algebra. With this feature, we hope to empower students to learn mathematics by improving their conceptual understanding and attitudes towards math.
Microsoft highlights a few features of Windows Calculator’s Graphing Mode in the announcement on the Windows Experience blog.

Plot equations on the graph. Graphing Mode can be used to plot one or more equations on the graph. Just enter one or multiple equations and Windows Calculator will plot them on the grpah.
Work with equations with secondary variables. You can work with equations that have secondary variables; these can be manipulated to see how different values affect the graph.
Graph analysis. You may trace plots using the mouse or keyboard to “better understand the relationship between variables in the equation on the graph. May also be used to identify key graph features.

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Now You: do you use Windows Calculator?
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